Webmaster Tools

The tools on this page will help you to design, build and maintain your web site. Most of the tools are free to use.

Picking a Domain Name

Get ideas for possible domain names by using the free Wordtracker tool from WordTracker.com.

Search for a domain name using the WHOIS search from Network Solutions.

Designing & Building the Web Site

The color scheme generator from wellstyled.com will help you select a set of colors that work well together on your site.

If you need a guide to RGB to color name mapping (triplet and hex), then check out the chart created by Kevin J. Walsh.

Free photos at FreeDigitalPhotoa.com.

Create a free logo by using the Logo Creator.

Sitemaps XML protocol at Sitemaps.org

Finding a Hosting Service

Hosting services vary in price and features, so look for one that fits your needs. One very good host is Hostmonster.com, which hosts this web site. It offers 500 GB of storage, 1500 GB of bandiwdth and unlimited domains for only $6.95 per month. Another good hosting company is 1&1.

Maintaining Web Sites

Check web site for dead links from dead-links.com.

Microsoft Outlook Solutions